Mitzi Ross

Poomsae Instructor
Brief info

My path with taekwondo started 27 years ago. My son was still young and was watching reruns of TMNT, and was eager to start martial arts. After a few weeks of taking him to our local taekwondo dojo where I met Master Khaled, I decided to try taekwondo myself. Since I was in my early forties I realized that I needed some form of physical exercise and taekwondo was far more interesting and fun than exercise tapes. The constant challenges and the need to learn more kept me motivated. After retiring from work I found my passion for teaching. I became more involved with the new kukkiwon rules and stayed up to date with my forms so I could teach my students the most updated rules. After 30 years of knowing Master Khaled, I still train with him. We share the same philosophy, teaching kids life lessons that they will carry with them throughout their lives comes before anything else. Every student is capable of achieving their goals, the amount of motivation they have determines the time it will take for them to get there. Teaching students is what keeps me in the sport and watching them win medal after medal, keeps the fire burning inside of me.